Svenheim has been awarded the GOOD DESIGN LABEL for the FIX furniture series in the furniture design category. The jury gave the following feedback on the series: Jury award

This is a product line with many nice and intelligent solutions. The innovation lies in the construction of the corners that are rounded on the outside, while the rectangular shape is preserved on the inside. This provides benefits for both production and content, and it is more comfortable for the user to sit on a side of rounded corner than on a side of a hard edge. The design is very detailed and the color scheme elegant. Here has clearly been a good collaboration between the manufacturer and the designer, and the aesthetic and practical advantages make the series stand out among competing office furniture. FIX is designed to look good in the office environment, but also shows itself from its best side for the user.

Designer Fredrik Torsteinsen

Standard decors



Main facts

FIX work desk Width Depth
Work desk 1 1600 800
Work desk 2 1800 800
FIX storage and pull-out Height Width Depth
2A4 cabinet 969 800 400
2A4 pull-out 969 400 869
3A4 cabinet 1358 800 400
3A4 pull-out 1358 400 869