TITAN Storages’ Special Configuratos

Our Titan series is created to have the most suitable storage set in the office. When using our configurators you may design cabinets with sliding or usual doors, open reols or drawer cabinet by:

  • adjusting height, width, and depth as you want (logic limitations apply).
  • choosing the number of shelves, different surfaces, and fittings you need.
  • choosing the number of drawers, locks or handles.

You also can get immediately the price of the furniture or 3D images. The images can be downloaded to your PC as PNG image, 3D objects (DWG or 3DS). Use this further in pCon and create a detailed 3D layout of the office.

The system will show you relevant error messages if you make choices that are not possible or if the choices you make create unstable structure solutions.

Save your time and design your own storage solution!

Main facts

S01 Doors at the and doors at the bottom
S02 Shelves at the top, doors at the bottom
S03 Doors at the top, shelves at the bottom
S04 Shelves
S05 Doors full height
S10 Drawers at the top, doors at the bottom
S14 Base or wall cabinet open shelves
S15 Base or wall cabinet with doors
S16 Base or wall cabinet with sliding doors
S31 Sliding doors at the top and bottom
S32 Shelves at the top, sliding doors at the bottom
S33 Sliding doors at the top, shelves at the bottom
S34 1-5 levels with sliding doors
S35 Sliding doors full height
S36 "Duo" - doublesided cabinet with sliding doors
S40 Drawer unit
S50 Pullout


Our Titan storages already became a classic for our customers. Still we wanted to bring more fresh look into them by the details. We carefully looked for new handle options with the help of the designers and chose the best options. Have a look, what did we find for you and your customers:

  • A16 wooden handles creates the warm, natural look for the Titan.

Possible colours: oak, wallnut and black (cc 128 mm, LxBxD 168x14x20 mm).

  • Soft shaped Luck metal handles are especially comfy for daily work.

Possible colours: black, stainless steel and brushed brass.

Sizes: cc160 mm: LxBxD 178,5x8x40 mm; cc160; cc32 mm: LxBxD 40,5x8x40 mm, cc32;

  • Elegant Cutt aluminium handles.

Colours: stainless steel look and black

Sizes: 96/128 mm, LxBxD 200×17,5×23 mm.

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