Tellus S work desk configurator (SWT1)

Here you can configure and order a complete work desks based on your wishes and needs. You get prices immediately, in addition to 3D visualization and stipulated delivery time (for logged in and approved users). A flexible configuration tool lets you choose table shape with desired dimensions, edge profiles, rounded corners, core material and surfaces. In addition, you can also add legs and frames, acoustic table screens, wooden hatches, cable holes, power sockets, USB chargers and cable gutters.
One versatile tool with many options for configuring your unique desktop. Flexibly!

Table top price calculator (SWT3)

This tool lets you find the price of a special tabletop instantly and is only for finding out prices. Not for ordering and 3D visualizations.
You can calculate a single work desk in any shape and with all the choices the calculator gives you.
The outer dimensions are all what is needed to get the exact price for your special tabletop.
Make your selections in the drop down boxes and get the price directly based on your choices and quantity.

Main facts

Choose or type in any dimensions (within the limits) Length from 800 to 2400 mm
Width from 500 to 1200 mm
Selectable core material Chipboard, MDF, plywood
Selectable thickness Chipboard - 22 mm, 25 mm
MDF - 22 mm, 25 mm
Plywood - 21 mm, 24 mm
MFC - 22 mm
Wide standard decor selection Laminates, MFC, veneer, linoleum, or painted
Selectable leg system Astro, Rol; Electrical, manual or fixed.

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