Who are we

The uniqueness is noticed and design is therefore important for us and our customers. We want to take people’s needs and desires seriously. Therefore, FLEXIBLE WORKSPACES is at the very heart of Svenheim’s identity. Both in product and in working form. We provide flexible solutions for large and small projects.

For us flexible design provides new and exciting solutions. A modern design language and solid construction created for the office of the future. We have developed new construction techniques that meet tomorrow’s demands for functionality and design.

With our flexible solutions it is a short distance from idea to installed product at the customer. All materials and surfaces are available from us as long as the raw materials can be obtained. No restrictions. Our client supervisors all have broad and long-standing experience with office furniture, and have the professional weight needed in any project.

This is also reflected in our office furniture series. Whether you choose from Factor, Vesta, Optima, Tellus, Titan or other you have many choices and combinations.


Svenheim Møbelindustri AS was started at Osterøy outside Bergen in 1946. The company was for many years a subcontractor of coffee tables to other manufacturers.

In 1992 we moved to larger premises in Lunde, Telemark. The customer base for subcontracting had increased and the product range expanded to include components for kitchens and bathrooms. In 1996 we bought the bankruptcy estate (machinery, inventory and product rights) after Huseby Møbler AS. The same year we launched our own collection of office furniture. Since the beginning of the 2000s we have also delivered project and store fittings, including the nationwide Post in the Store concept.

In 2002 we purchased a 50,000m2 factory building in Alytus, Lithuania, which we have gradually developed into a complete production unit: UAB Svenheim. In 2003 the bankruptcy estate after Huseby Kitchen was acquired.

Today we are Svenheim Group.

How it all began

Small farm hustle and the starting ground

On a small farm Svenheim on Osterøy, to the Northeast, spent his days peacefully Anders Knutsen Svenheim. He had a small farm, and animals in it, as the nearby provided timber and firewood for the heating.

Svenheim started off in a modest working space. After welcoming his son back home in 1944, Anders Svenheim bought a lathe and “downgraded” his workplace to the basement. There they produced first table lamps and wooden barrels.

Focusing on the family business

Few years later Anders relocated to the first factory, which he had built himself. He began to deliver birch cutting boards, plate shelves, chairs, and window frames to Husfliden in Bergen soon after that.

In 1954 Anders’ son moved back home to Svenheim. All the knowledge learnt in school, Knut Magne put into a good practice.

The authentic process

The team started with veneering in 1956. The equipment was primitive: wooden block clamps and thick zinc plates for heating an oven. First the horn glue was heated and applied to the plates with a putty knife. Then they put a hot zinc plate into the block clamps, a veneer sheet, a chipboard, a veneer sheet, and then a hot zinc plate; then pressed this together with the block clamps. The heat from the zinc sheets pulled through the veneer and melted the glue to adhere to the veneer sheets. The plates were pressed until the zinc plates had cooled down so that the horn glue had stiffness again. The horn glue was produced on Alvøen outside Bergen.

Addition to the team

In 1959, the factory was enlarged again (E), and new employees joined the team. New investments were made. Later the family’s business began to use chipboard as a core material.

Later, father and son Svenheims started to produce coffee tables. After the triumphant start, coffee tables have become their main product.

New horizons

More investments were made, yet coffee tables remained their main product. As the business went prosperously, there was a necessity for new work tools. Eventually, in 1980, the company moved to a 300 m3 warehouse (I). In 1986 Knut Magne established a furniture store in the centre of Lonevåg.

A valuable partnership

From 1987 the company began supplying components as a subcontractor to other manufacturers. Bolett Kjøkken, Ekornes and Helland appeared on the customer record, which was a tremendous achievement. In collaboration with HBH Møbelfabrikk, the business delivered hotel furnishings to Amsterdam and Brussels’ SAS.

Expanding their grounds

In September 1992, the entire company was moved to Lunde in Telemark, wherein 1991, Swedoor had closed down its doors. In 1995, the company started manufacturing office furniture. Eventually it became their central focus. In 2000 the company operated with office furniture as its primary product and sub deliveries.

Svenheim has been awarded the GOOD DESIGN LABEL for the FIX furniture series in the furniture design category. The jury gave the following feedback on the series: Jury award.

Designer Fredrik Torsteinsen