Flexibility is one of the key points in our work and products. Having that in mind we are creating and developing products. Now we created new entire concept of storages in our range. Meet The Box!

A really flexible and versatile product which can be used as a wall hanging storage, floor storage, a partition wall and even cute little boxes to sit on.

The product consists of separate modules of just several sizes, but it has uncountable options of combinations. Build a structure as you want using modules 400×400 mm, 400×800 and 800×400. Open modules and modules with backside, doors, shelfs, drawers will cover all your office storage needs as well as it will help to create interesting interior. In short, you get functionality with design.

For core material is used coloured through Valchromat MDF, which has a little bit of this raw and recycled look. The carcass is assembled without any fittings and it has a nice looking „S“ joint in corners. Clean, minimalistic, interesting.

Standard decors

Valchromat MDF

Light grey
Green mint
Chocolate brown

Main facts

Core material Valchromat MDF
Thickness 12 mm
Edges Clear laquered
Behandling Clear laquered
Corners Rounded
Handle Hole (chamfered inside)
Base Base plate with adjustable screws